Events organization

We make multimedia presentations allowing our customers, through all the advantages offered by this technology such as animated graphics, sound and special effects, videos and interactivity, to produce a major effect on the audience.

Organización de Eventos

Events organization

Technical Support

Simultaneous translation. We provide state of the art equipment, audio and video, lighting and projection for corporate activities oriented both at internal and external customers. We produce videos with 3 digital cameras with real time edition, according to the needs of our customers and the type of event. Copies in MPEG or DVD formats can be delivered.

Soporte Técnico

Technical Support

Video Production and Postproduction

Diagramé renders production and postproduction services, according to the requirements of each production through the combination of technological tools, creativity, experience and professionalism.

Producción y Postproducción de video

Video Production and Postproduction

Interactive kiosks

Our interactive kiosks help to organize corporate training activities in a dynamic and fun way. Besides, they enable to contact the public in general offering information when required.

Kioscos Interactivos

Interactive kiosks


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It increases the audience’s attention and response levels.

Active participation of the audience.

It shows the answers/opinions through clear, friendly graphics. Bars / 2D / 3D/ cakes.

Opinions data compilation and results comparisons.

It tests knowledge and fosters debate.

It is an innovative and modern approach to your event.

Customer’s investment is paid back through the collection of exclusive data for your company.

Immediate feedback and dynamic interactivity with the audience.